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Babylon 5 Episode 4 Season 4
Falling Towards Apotheosis, what does that even mean? I had to look it up, as soon as I had done so it made total sense, and on more than one front. If you haven't ever been minded to look up the word apotheosis, this is how it is defined: the elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of god.

At the beginning of the episode things are in chaos and at crisis point which is pretty much normal for Babylon 5. They used Ivanova in an odd fashion. Mostly she was seen through the Babcom system (I still don't like that name) giving updates on the situation. The chaos this time comes from an odd source: the Vorlons.

Ivanova and Marcus had discovered at the end of Summoning that the Vorlons in an act of supreme paranoia had for once in their long existence gone on the offensive against the Shadows and were wiping them out wherever they could find them. This even if it meant destroying an otherwise peaceful planet. This has understandably thrown everyone else into a flat panic. Why does it really matter for us the viewers, though? I mean our area of interest is Earth or related planets. It doesn't really bother us if the Drazi or some other unnamed non aligned race ends up being wiped out by the Vorlons, especially if it means the end of the Shadow menace. That would probably work if the Centauri's insane Emperor hadn't given the Shadows sanctuary on Centauri Prime.

That still doesn't explain the title though. It became apparent to me in the opening scene. Because of what Ivanova is saying to the station everyone is running around like a chook with it's head cut off. A lady is trying to find her husband and is knocked to the ground, she could very possibly have been trampled before Security could get to her. Then the crowds suddenly part, everyone murmurs in reverence as Captain Sheridan strides through Lorien a pace behind. He helps the lady up and delivers her to Zack. He is being treated as a godlike figure because everyone believes he died at Z'ha'dum and somehow returned from the dead.

Everyone, but Garibaldi, accepts Lorien. I'm on Garibaldi's side, there's something not right about Lorien. Of course this could be just because I really like the character of Michael Garibaldi. The Chief Security Officer's suspicions about Sheridan's 'new best friend' are treated with a lot of suspicion because of the mystery surrounding his disappearance and reappearance after being presumably in Shadow custody. Maybe like the Vorlon the Shadows can too leave part of themselves in someone, and therefore without really knowing it Garibaldi is a Shadow, the way Sheridan is currently part Vorlon.

Londo's prophecy keeps coming true on Centauri Prime. The Emperor refuses to cut the Shadows loose because while he has no intention of using his own forces to defend them if the Vorlon's come calling as they believe he will, he will continue to harbour them because of their promise to elevate him to godhood. He does trust Londo though, even showing him his collection of heads, who he relies on for advice and counsel. Yep, completely round the twist, but with supreme power. I'd always wondered how Centauri Prime was devastated in Londo's vision of the future, now I think I know. To make matters worse the Emperor orders G'Kar's eye been torn out at the end of the episode and it's always a one eyed G'Kar that kills Emperor Londo in the Centauri's vision.

As the Vorlon situation on Babylon 5 worsens Sheridan makes the call to expel the Vorlon ambassador. He first sends Garibaldi and a team to do it. The ambassador predictably reacts badly and the security team are nearly wiped out. The first plan having failed, Sheridan puts plan b into action, He lures the Vorlon into a spot where he has him at a disadvantage and then confronts him. When the ambassador leaves his encounter suit and appears as a big glowing cuttlefish (he actually looks like one of their ships, as the ships are living things it makes me wonder if they're really just another kind of Vorlon), Lorien unlocks Kosh in Sheridan and Kosh does battle with the evil Vorlon, managing to expel him from Babylon 5.

They were balanced on a knife's edge when the episode started, I think they just tipped off it.


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