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Babylon 5 Episode 2 Season 4
It looked like I was going to get my wish from Episode 1 in Episode 2 because it was called Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi? That was a question I kept asking throughout the first episode.

G'Kar decides to go looking for answers. He leaves the ship and winds up on some place where it's in a big thunderstorm. I initially thought he'd gone to the depths of Babylon 5 and the storm was an effect in the bar, but then I realised it was a thunderstorm, and as there are no thunderstorms in space, he had to be off the station.

Asking questions about Garibaldi, which is very reminiscent of Garibaldi's occasional forays into the world of noir fiction, soon gets the Narn into trouble and his fat is pulled out of the fire by none other than Marcus. Marcus just showing up like this isn't really questioned by anyone, because it's just the sort of thing the Ranger tends to do. I want one of his Minbari pikes. What a great weapon! You press a button and it extends. Marcus accuses G'Kar of 'pikel envy'. I'm not sure about G'Kar, but I do have it.

Unfortunately Marcus can't be there all the time and wherever G'Kar is seems to be controlled by the Centauri. The Narn is ambushed by some Centauri soldiers and given a decent kicking before being taken prisoner.

We do get a look at Garibaldi. He's being held somewhere and he's desperate to get out. He doesn't know where he is or why he's being held. He doesn't even know who is captors are. I'm going to take a wild stab here. The Centauris weren't too keen on G'Kar asking questions and it wasn't just because he's a Narn. Via their mad Emperor they're in bed with the Shadows. I'm guessing that's who has Garibaldi and he's being held on the island the Emperor has given them.

Sheridan is still alive, sort of, and he's still in the caves. He's getting all sorts of vague pronouncements from a shadowy old character who only gives his name as Lorien, well that's what we call him, but it may not actually be his name. Lorien did come out with the statement that part of Kosh (that's the Kosh we knew, not the new one) is in Sheridan, that's a Vorlonn thing. I wish Lorien had just told us that and gone away. I found most of the sequence fairly tedious. Surely Sheridan got enough philosophy and cryptic clues from Kosh.

Delenn is still convinced that Sheridan is alive in Z'ha'dum and gets Franklin onboard, she calls a large force of Rangers, Marcus seemed to be absent, and determines to lead them to Z'ha'dum and make war on the Shadows. Not all of the Rangers were totally down with that plan to judge by the expressions on many of the faces.

The final part of this story concerned Londo. A captured and beaten G'Kar is presented to him as a gift to do with what he wants. I presume that only applies if Londo wants to torture and kill G'Kar.

Londo visits G'Kar in his cell and tries to enlist him into a plan of his own. It will involve pain for the Narn, but it will let him live and it may even give the Narn back their planet. I assume the end game involves Londo becoming Emperor. I found Londo's talk of the behaviour of his people interesting. Their outwardly civilised behaviour is really a thin veneer for their inward barbarity. Not dissimilar to the Earth civilisations on which the Centauri are based.


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